She has such a keen eye for the smallest details that often get overlooked but make all the difference in the final product. She makes you feel so natural in front of the camera, you can relax and enjoy every moment. Lucy is responsive, so easy to talk to, sophisticatedly creative, and really strives to capture each bride and groom’s special connection so your film is over the top authentic.”

“Lucy was a dream to work with.”

Lorin + Nolan

“Above all that she is a joyful and lovely human being who lightens the stress of the day with her presence. Her films bring out the personality of the bride and groom in a magnificent way. Her gifts are priceless and preserve your wedding through films that will allow you to never lose those sweet memories in a beautiful way.”

“This girl is sweetness to the core, but savage behind the lens!”

Courtney and Jake


are in 

“Working with Lucy is like a ray of sunshine from beginning to end! She has a joyful nature that shines through from her initial connection with our clients all the way to the distribution of her beautiful videos!”

— Anne-Claire Allen Owens, Planner

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